1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Test Prices

2. On the Manage Company Test Prices page, click Add Test Price.

3. On the Add Test Price page, fill in the following information:

  • Add a Name (such as Standard, Commercial, Residential).
  • Include a Price for this test option.
  • If you are using the Customer Portal and you want this option to be displayed to users, select a Portal Order from the dropdown list; otherwise, leave this option blank.
  • If you are displaying this pricing option on the Customer Portal, add a Portal Description to be displayed with the price.
  • Add a Comment for your own internal reference.
  • Check Test Yearly if you want customers who select this price to be tested every year.
  • Click Yes as the Default if you want this option to be the default price.

4. When you are finished, click Create Test price.

Edit or Delete a Test Price

You can also Edit or Delete existing pricing options by clicking the icons on the right side of the Manage Company Test Prices page.

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