When you create a new invoice, it appears on the Invoices page in the New Invoices section. Click here for more information about creating an invoice.

New Invoices also appear on the Customer page in the Unpaid Invoices section with a Not invoiced status. 

From either page, you can edit the invoice by clicking the Edit Invoice icon next to that item.

This takes you to the Edit Invoice page, which shows customer and device information, as well as associated line items. 

You can make several changes to the invoice, including:

  • Adding line items
  • Editing existing line items
  • Removing line items
  • Changing the service location (location the work is performed at)
  • Setting payment terms
  • Choosing a due date
  • Adding comments
  • Adding attachments
  • Moving line items to a new invoice

Add a line item to an invoice

If more than one test is performed for a customer, Syncta automatically adds line items to one invoice. If an existing invoice exists for a customer, Syncta adds any new line items to that invoice. 

Line items with the same Item Price and Description are automatically grouped together on the PDF invoice. 

1. To add a blank line item, click Add Line Item.

2. Fill in the Quantity, Item Price, and Description for the line item. The Line Total and Total amount will automatically be calculated and adjusted.
3. To add a Standard Invoice Item, select the standard item from the dropdown list, and then click Add Line Item. This automatically adds the Quantity, Item Price, and Description for the line item. For more information on setting up Standard Invoice Line Items, click here

Edit existing line items on an invoice 

To change existing line items, simply edit the appropriate fields. Line Totals and Total Amounts are automatically calculated, so you must update the corresponding fields to make changes to them. 

For example, to update the Line Total, either update the Item Price or the Quantity.

Remove a line item from an invoice

To remove a line item, click Remove.

Other Changes

  • Location Work Performed At: Select a service location from the dropdown list at the top of the page. Only Service Locations for that customer are available in the dropdown list. 
  • Payment Terms: Select an option from the dropdown list.
  • Due Date: Select a due date, or we will automatically calculate it based on the Payment Terms selected and the date the invoice is marked as billed. 
  • Invoiced Date: Select the date that the customer was sent an invoice; leave blank to let the system automatically calculate this date. 
  • Comments: Enter any comments related to the invoice.
  • Attachments: Attach any files related to the invoice, such as a copy of a work order.

Save Invoice

When you are finished editing an invoice, click Update Invoice near the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

You can also:

  • Click Mark Invoice as Billed and Bill Invoice and Send Email near the bottom of the page to take immediate action on the invoice. 
  • Click Move Checked To New Invoice to move selected line items to a new invoice for this customer. Click here for more information.

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