While invoice line items are automatically created with each completed test, you may want to add more line items that your business frequently uses. This will save you time when adding new line items on the Perform Test page or while editing/creating new invoices. 

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Standard Invoice Items

You will see a list of standard invoice items you have created. Tests prices are not included on this list. For more information on setting up test prices, click here

2. Click New Standard Invoice Item to add a new item. 

3. Add the pertinent values, such as price, quantity, and whether or not the item is taxable.
4. When you are finished, click Save Standard Invoice Item.

This new line item can now be easily selected when creating or editing invoices, or from the dropdown list in the Invoice Line Items section of the Perform Test page.

Edit or Delete a Standard Invoice Item

To edit or delete an existing standard invoice item, click Delete or Edit to the right of that item.

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