Even if an assembly has been removed, some water purveyors still require that you submit a test report for that assembly. This article shows you how to mark an assembly as removed and complete a test without entering test results.

1. On the related Customer page, click the Test Now icon for the assembly that you want to mark as removed. 

2. At the top of the Perform Test page, set the Assembly Status to Removed Assembly.

3. In order to Complete the test without entering any test results you will need to Bypass Validation. To do this, first expand the Admin Options section, and then check the Bypass Validation box. 

4. Click Complete Test at the top or bottom of the page; you are now ready to approve and then submit this test report to the water purveyor. 

The old assembly can now be deleted in Syncta. All deletions can be restored at a later date so you are still compliant and can show the past test reports if you are ever asked. 

NOTE: See our article about deleting assemblies to learn more

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