After a customer and backflow device have been added to Syncta, you can schedule the device to be tested. There are a couple of different places to do this: from a Customer page or from the Search results page.

Schedule a Test from a Customer Page

1. On a Customer page, scroll down to the Devices section.
2. Click the Schedule Test for Device icon.

3. Select individual tests that you want to schedule or click Select All to schedule all tests.
4. Click Schedule Selected at the bottom of the page.

5. On the Schedule Tests page, fill in the following:

  • Commit Date: Select the date you want to schedule selected tests.
  • Internal Comment: Add internal comments as needed.
  • Set Tester for All: To use the same tester on all tests, select their name from the dropdown list; leave blank to choose a tester for each test.
  • Set Route for All: To set the same route for all tests, select the route name from the dropdown list; leave blank to chose a route for each test.

6. Fill in the following information for each test:

  • Price: Select a price from the dropdown list. 
  • Tester: Select a tester's name from the dropdown list.
  • Route: Select a route name from the dropdown list.

7. When you're finished, click Schedule Tests.

The scheduled tests are now added to a route, which can be seen on the Routes page.

Schedule a Test from the Search Results Page

You can also schedule a test from the Search results page. 

1. Check the box next to each device that you want to schedule, and then click Schedule Tests for Selected Devices.

2. Follow steps 5-7 of the previous section to fill in the Schedule Tests page.

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