Use the following instructions to create a mail merge file that will be imported into Microsoft Excel. You can accomplish this in different ways within the application:

  • Use the Search menu at the top of every page
  • Select Notifications > Notification Batches > +Notification Batch

For these instructions, we will use the Search menu.

1. From anywhere in the application, click the magnifying glass in the Search menu at the top of the page.

2. On the Search page, select Devices from the Results Type dropdown list, and then click Refresh.

3. On the Search Results page, select the devices for which you want to send notifications, and then click Create Notifications for Selected Devices at the bottom of the page.

4. On the Notifications page, fill in the following:

  • Name: Add a name for this notification batch.
  • Batch Type: Select Mail merge from the dropdown list.
  • Records Used for Notification: Click Remove next to any record that you do not want to include in this notification batch.

5. Click Next to continue. If the notification batch was successful, you will see a message at the top of the Notifications page.

6. Click Process This Batch to create a mail merge file.
7. When the popup message appears, click OK.
8. As the notification batch is processing, it appears in the In-Progress Notifications section on the Notifications page.

9. When the batch is done, it moves to the Completed Notifications section on the Notifications page.

10. Click Details for the batch of notifications that you want to send using mail merge.
11. On the Notifications page, click View to view the file in a new tab.

12. The results will look similar to the following example. 

13. Place your cursor anywhere on the page and right-click with your mouse.
14. Select Save as to open the Save As window.
15. Select the location where you want to save your file.
16. Select All Files from the Save as type dropdown list.
17. In the File name box, type .csv at the end of the name.

18. Click Save.
19. You can now import the data from the saved Excel file into a Word document.

Click here for more information about completing the mail merge process.

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