There might be a time when you submit a test report, only to realize afterward that it contains a small error, such as a typo in the customer name or address. This article walks you through how to copy an existing test and update it, and then resubmit it as a new test with the correct information.

1. Locate the customer or backflow assembly associated with the test you want to update.
2. On the Customer or Device page, scroll to the Completed Tests section.
3. Find the test you want to copy, and then click the Show Test Details icon.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page for this test and click Copy & edit this test. 

Note: This button will look different on your mobile device.

5. A new copy of this test opens with all of the information filled in. 

6. Make the appropriate changes to the test, and then click Complete Test

The corrected test is now in the Pending Review section of the Review Completed Tests page to be approved and then submitted.

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