Once you send a batch of email notifications, you can quickly scan to see which ones have/have not been opened, which ones have bounced back, been blocked, or dropped.

1. Select Notifications from the navigation menu.

2. On the Notifications page, find the notification batch that you want to view in the In-Progress Notifications section.

3. Click Details to view the email batch details.
4. The Status column will show one of the following for each email:

  • Complete: Email has been opened.
  • Waiting response: Email has not been opened.
  • Exception: Email bounced back or was blocked.
  • Dropped: Previous emails from Syncta bounced or were blocked; we will not continue to send emails to this address. 

5. Click the View Email History icon next to any email for which you want to view more information.

The Email History for Record page shows more specific information about the email.

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