To establish the initial connection between QuickBooks and Syncta you must:

1. Have QuickBooks Online Plus or higher

2. Log into QuickBooks using Admin credentials

3. Have an internet connection
4. Set up customer names in QuickBooks Online to match customer names in Syncta (see below for more information)

NOTE: QuickBooks Connection is only available for existing customers.

Connect to QuickBooks Online

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Invoicing Options

2. At the top of the Invoicing Options page, click Connect to QuickBooks.

3. When the popup window appears, click Connect.

The Invoicing Options page now shows that Syncta is connected to QuickBooks Online. 

Set Up Customer Names in QuickBooks Online to Match Customer Names in Syncta

Customers in QuickBooks will not match those in Syncta unless you have correctly filled in the Display name as field in QuickBooks to be the same as the Name field in Syncta.

1. To see a list of your customer names in Syncta, open Syncta in a separate browser window and then do one of the following:

  • Select Customers from the left navigation menu, and then select All Customers

  • Select Reports from the left navigation menu, scroll to the Customers section, and then click the Excel or Word icon to download a copy of your customer list.

2. Find a customer name in Syncta and then find the matching customer name in QuickBooks. Ensure that the Display name as field in QuickBooks exactly matches the Name field in Syncta. Repeat this step for every customer name you want to match between the two systems. 



Complete the QuickBooks Online Connection

Once you have activated the Syncta connection to QuickBooks Online and you have matched all of your customer names between the two systems, let us know so we can take the next steps to sync customer and invoice data.

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