There can be several reasons why Syncta and QuickBooks aren't sharing information. This article walks you through the most common troubleshooting suggestions.  


  • You must have QuickBooks Online Plus plan or higher, or Desktop 2013 or newer to connect with Syncta.
  • You must be logged into QuickBooks as an Administrator to connect with Syncta.

My Connection to QuickBooks Desktop Isn't Working

Web Connector is the tool that allows Syncta and QuickBooks to share information. In order for QuickBooks Desktop and Syncta to sync information, Web Connector must be running!  

1. Check to see if Web Connector is open in the "system tray" of your desktop, which is located in the lower right corner of your desktop. 

2. If you do not see this icon, open QuickBooks Desktop.
3.  Select the File menu, and then select Update Web Services.

4. When the Web Connector window opens, check the following:

  • The syncta application is checked.
  • The Auto-Run box is checked.
  • Every-Min is set to 1.

5. When you are finished, click Hide to leave Web Services open in your desktop's system tray.

Web Connector Open Error 

If you see the following error message when opening QuickBooks Web Connector, it means that your company file is not open in QuickBooks. 

1. Click OK to close the popup, and then open your company file in QuickBooks.
2. Re-open Web Connector and continue as usual.

Web Connector Abort Error

If you have QuickBooks open and see an "abort" error in Web Connector, it is likely because you are not running QuickBooks as an Administrator. 

1. If you see the following error in red in Web Connector, click the link below it for more information. 

2. If you see "administrator" in the message, this means you need to be running QuickBooks as an Administrator. 

3. Log out of QuickBooks and the log back in as an Administrator.

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