Invoices in QuickBooks cannot be processed unless they have an associated Item Type. Because Syncta does not have an Item Type, you must set up a "Syncta Item" type in QuickBooks that can be associated with invoices imported from Syncta. Below is an example of the Syncta Item type on a QuickBooks invoice.


  • QuickBooks is only available for existing customers.

  • You must have QuickBooks Desktop 2013 or newer to connect with Syncta

  • You must be logged into QuickBooks as an Administrator to set up the Syncta Item Type.

Create the Syncta Item Type in QuickBooks

1. Open your company file in QuickBooks.
2. Select Lists from the menu bar, and then select Item List.

3. Right click anywhere in the Item List, and then select New.

4. On the New Item page, fill in the following:

  • Type: Select an option from the dropdown list.

  • Item Name/Number: Type Syncta Item.

  • Account: Select an option from the dropdown list.

5. If you want the Syncta Item to be a sub-item of an existing item type, check the Subitem of box, and then select the item you want from the dropdown list.  

6. When you're finished, click OK. The Syncta Item type now appears on the Item List page.

Once the Syncta Item type has been set up, it will be automatically added to invoices imported from Syncta into QuickBooks.

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