In Syncta, if you use the quotes and work orders feature, there are four distinct invoicing stages:

1. Quotes (click here for more information)
2. Work Orders (click here for more information)
3. Unpaid Invoices
4. Paid Invoices

In general, once you create a quote, approving it turns it into a work order. Approving a work order turns it into an unpaid invoice, which finally changes to a paid invoice. 

Quotes -------> Work Orders -------> Unpaid Invoices -------> Paid Invoices

Each invoicing stage appears in the Invoicing section of a Customer page. 

Note: This feature is only available for testing companies.

Invoicing Lifecycle

The steps below show visual examples of how the invoicing life cycle works. 

1. In the Quotes section on the Customer page, clicking Approve & Schedule approves a quote and changes it to a work order.

2. The quote moves to the Work Orders section.
3. Clicking Mark as Completed changes the work order to an invoice.

4. The work order moves to the Unpaid Invoices section.

5. Once the invoice has been paid, it moves to the Paid Invoices section.  

Click here for detailed information about all of the different invoicing options. 

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