Print Test Reports and Mail Hard Copies

Use the following instructions to print test reports and mail hard copies.

NOTE: This feature is only available for testing companies.

1. On the Dashboard, click Submissions to Print in the Submissions section.

2. On the Submit Tests to Water Purveyors page, scroll to the Paper Submissions Pending Mailing section.
3. Click the blue PDF link to print tests in a submission batch for the related purveyor. 

All of the test reports in this submission are combined into one PDF. 

4. Print the test reports and mail them as usual.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each submission batch that you want to print.
6. Once you have mailed these test reports, click Mark Mailed each paper submission batch that you printed and submitted to the water purveyor. 

View Submitted Tests

1. To view the status of recently printed test reports, scroll to the Submission History section at the bottom of the Submit Tests to Water Purveyors page.

2. To view detailed information about a specific batch of test reports, click Details for the applicable purveyor.

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