Real-Time Training: Want to set up a tester's signature now instead of reading about how to do it? Depending on your user role, click the link below to set up a tester's signature using our live step-by-step walk through.

  • Tester: Click here if you are a tester.
  • Admin/Office: Click here if you are an admin/office user and also a tester. 

Each tester needs to set up their signature when they are logged in. An Admin user cannot set up a signature for any tester.

1. Once a tester is logged in, select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Users.

2. Locate your name in the User List and click the Edit User icon.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Your Settings page to the Your User Signature section.
4. In the New Signature box, use the mouse to sign; or if you are using a touch screen, you can use your finger/stylus to sign. 

5. Click Update User at the bottom of the page to save your signature.

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