• Each of Syncta's plans includes a set number of tests per month. When your company exceeds that number, you will incur overage charges for each additional test report generated through the end of the month. 
  • On the first of each month, you start fresh again with the set number of tests allocated for your plan; you will only incur overage charges if you exceed that number.  
  • You can upgrade your Limited or Complete plans at any time to increase the number of included monthly tests; changes will take effect on the first day of the next month. Click here for more information about changing your plan.


The following section includes an example of overage charges in the Complete Plan. This example does not include charges for add-on features, which are an additional $10 each per month on the Limited and Complete plans; the Pro Plan includes all add-on features.
Note: Click here more information about what's offered in each of Syncta's plans.

Complete Plan

Let's say you're signed up for the Complete Plan, which is $69 a month for 75 tests. If your company completed 100 tests in a given month, you’d pay:

  • $69 for the first 75 tests
  • An additional $0.50 per test for the remaining 25 tests

The total monthly cost is: $69 + ($0.50 x 25) = $81.50

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