We've made changes to the submission portal. Read below for more detailed information about the recent changes.

Enabling Options in the Submission Portal

By default, users in the submission portal cannot create new service locations or related customers. A new option allows water purveyors to decide if they want submission portal users to be able to create new service locations. To learn more about enabling this new option and two existing ones, click here.

Adding Service Locations in the Submission Portal

If enabled by a water purveyor, submission portal users can now add a new service location (and customer record as applicable) if it does not currently exist in the portal. Click here for more information about adding service locations in the submission portal.

Deleting Tests in the Submission Portal

Submission portal users can now delete tests that have not yet been invoiced; once they have been deleted, they will no longer appear in the submission portal. Click here to learn more.

Archiving Tests in the Submission Portal

Submission portal users are now able to archive rejected tests or pending retests. Tests that have been archived will appear on the Test Submission History page in the submission portal. Click here for more information about archiving tests in the submission portal.

Viewing Suggested Changes for Service Locations Created in the Submission Portal

When a user creates a new service location (and related customer if applicable) in a submission portal, this creates a suggested change in the water purveyor's system that can be accepted/rejected as needed. Click here for more information about viewing these suggested changes.

New Invitation Template for Submission Portal Users

We created an invitation template that water purveyors can send to new submission portal users so they can get logged into their submission portal. Now available as one of our standard notification templates, you can use this template "as is" or you can edit it as desired. For more information about editing standard templates, click here.

Emulating Submission Portal Users

In case you missed it, here's a reminder about a submission portal feature that was released in October.

Water purveyors who use our submission portal feature can now emulate any portal user with the click of a button. Once in the portal, the emulation allows purveyors to view/complete any tasks that this user has access to. Click here for more information about emulating submission portal users.

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