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Each customer record will have at least one service location, at the same address as the customer record. 

1. On the Customer page for whom you are adding a new service location, scroll down to right above the Same as Customer section.

2. Click + Location to add a new location.

3. Enter a Nickname that you can use for easy reference. This will not be populated on the Test Report forms.
4. Enter a location Name and Phone Number for this service location.
5. If you want to include the service location contact name and address on the Test Report instead of the customer information, check the Display On Test Report box.
6. Click Add Email to add an email address for the related customer. This email address will receive a copy of the test reports for all backflow assemblies listed under the service location.
7. Select a Water Purveyor for the service location from the dropdown list to set this water purveyor as the default when adding a new assembly at the service location.
8. Select a Notification Month from the dropdown list that reflects the month that you notify customers.
9. Fill in the Address Line 1 and 2, City, State, and Zip information.
10. Fill in any additional custom fields where applicable.
11. Click Create Service location

After the service location has been created, you can:

  • Add a new assembly by clicking +Device 
  • Schedule a new assembly to be tested at this location by clicking Schedule New Device
  • Quickly start testing a new assembly at this location by clicking Test New Device

Note: Service locations can only be deleted when there are no assemblies shown. Delete will not be present when assemblies are listed at that service location.

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