Customer data can be imported by the Syncta team, but if you prefer to enter customers manually the following steps will help you. 

1. To add a customer, click +New at the top of any page or click New Customer at the bottom of the Customers page.

2. Fill in the customer's Name and Phone number.

3. Check Exclude From Upcoming if you do not want this customer to appear in Upcoming Tests or Upcoming Notifications; you can still search for this customer as you normally would.
4. Click Add Email to add an Email address. The email address that you list here will receive a copy of the PDF test report when it is submitted for all backflow devices attached to this customer's record.
Note: We also recommend adding the customer's email address in the Portal User Email field on the Portal Options page. This allows you to invite them to the Customer Portal using the Invite to Portal button on the Customer page after it has been created. Click here for more information about the Customer Portal. 

5. Check Test Yearly if you want to keep track of this customer on your auto testing program each year.
Note: Click here for detailed information about how this field is used throughout the application.

6. Fill in the Address, City, State, and Zip code information.
Note: You can also click Pick Map Location to choose an address on a map.

7. If you want to associate this customer with a Parent Customer, select an option from the dropdown list.
Note: Click here for more information about parent customers.

8. Enter the name of a Contact Person for this customer.
9. Check Spring Startup and Winterization as needed for this customer.
10. Enter a Comment as needed.
11. Check the following as needed:

  • Create new device with scheduled test at customer's location 
  • Include service location address & device serial on invoice line items (only seen in the PDF invoice)

12. Fill in the following in the Same as Customer Service Location Information section: 

  • Water Purveyor: Select the water purveyor for this service location. Check the box next to this field if you want to set all devices at this location to the service location's water purveyor.
  • Notification Month: Select the month you want this service location to receive notifications. Check the box next to this field if you want to set all devices at this location to the service location's notification month.
  • Contact Person: Add the name of a contact person for this service location. 

13. When you are finished, click Save Customer.

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