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Creating an Invoice
Creating an Invoice

How to create a new invoice

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There are two ways to create an invoice:

1. An invoice is automatically generated when a test is performed.
2. New invoices that are not related to a test can be created by clicking New Invoice on the Customer page. 

NOTE: The Invoicing feature is only available for testing companies.

Invoices automatically generated when a test is performed

On the Perform Test page above the Complete Test button, you will find the Invoice Line Items section. By default, we create one line item for the test price that you set on the Invoicing Options page.

1. To add additional line items, either click Add Line Item to create a new blank row or select a Standard Invoice Item from the dropdown list and then click Add Line Item. See are article about setting up Standard Invoice Line items to learn more. 

2. Click Complete Test to instantly create an invoice on the New Invoices page and in the Unpaid Invoices section of the Customer page, with the line items entered on the Perform Test page. 

Create an invoice not related to a completed test

1. On the Customer page, scroll to the Invoices section, and then click New Invoice in the Paid Invoices section.

2. You can now add line items, assign a location of where the work was performed, set payment terms, due date, invoiced date, and add comments. 

3. When you are finished, do one of the following at the bottom of the page:

  • Click Create Invoice to generate the invoice, which will instantly appear on the New Invoices page. 

  • Click Mark Invoice as Billed or Bill Invoice and Send Email to take immediate action. 

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