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Past Due Invoices

Steps to review and notify customers of overdue invoices

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Want to see our Past Due Invoices feature in action? We have two other ways to learn how to review past due invoices and send customers reminders: a live step-by-step walk through or a video. Click on an option below to get started.

View Past Due Invoices

To see which invoices are past due, select Invoicing from the navigation menu, and then select Past Due Invoices.

NOTE: The Invoicing feature is only for testing companies.

The Past Due Invoices page shows invoices that are overdue. They are separated into four past due sections: 0-30 days, 30-59 days, 60-89 days, and 90+ days. 

Click Go To Invoices to go to the applicable section on this page, you can export all of them to an Excel spreadsheet, or navigate directly to a section.

Send Notifications to Customers With Past Due Invoices

Notifications can only be sent to customers with email addresses associated with their account. It is also important to note that a customer cannot receive a notification unless they are due to receive it. For example:

  • If a customer is in the 0-30 days range, you cannot send them the 30 days past due notice.

  • If a customer is in the 60-89 day range but you did not send them the 30 day notice, you need to send them the 30 day past due notice before you can send them the 60 day notice.

1. To send notifications to customers with past due invoices, do one of the following:

  • Notify individual invoices by clicking the box next to each invoice number.

  • Notify all invoices in a section by checking the box above the listed invoices.

2. Click Send Notices

3. When the popup message appears, click OK. Your customer(s) will receive an email reminding them of their overdue payment with the attached PDF invoice.

You can also View Email History or Resend the invoice to the customer from the Past Due Invoices page. When sending a past due notification to the customer, a copy of the invoice is automatically attached. 

For detailed information about the other buttons on this page, see our article about billing customers for invoices to learn more. 

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