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Additional information about what default options can be set for invoices

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The Invoicing Options page allows you to set many default invoicing options that make it easier to create invoices. 

NOTE: This feature is only available for testing companies.

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Invoicing Options.

2. On the Invoicing Options page, set up any of the following invoicing options:

  • Default Invoice Comment: If you typically enter the same comment on each invoice, enter it here to automatically insert it on each invoice.

  • Default Payment Terms: Set which payment terms you use most frequently.

  • Select First Service Location: Select Yes to automatically display the first service location (if there is more than one) on the invoice.

  • Group By Service Location: Select Yes to invoice tests separately by service location or No to invoice tests for all service locations together. 

  • Enable Quotes: Select Yes to turn on the Quotes and Work Orders feature.

  • One Time Payment Link In Invoice Email: Select Yes to include a one-time payment link in the customer email with the attached invoice (as well as all past due notices). This link allows the customer to make a one-time payment without enrolling in the customer portal; their credit card number will not be stored for future use.

NOTE: You must subscribe to the Customer Portal feature and be connected to Stripe in order to enable this link. See our article about what's offered in each of Syncta's plans to learn more.

  • Show Sales Tax: Select No will hide all tax fields on the Perform Test and Invoice pages.

  • Default Tax Rate %: If you commonly use one tax rate, set it here so you do not have to enter it on each invoice. 

  • Select Taxable Checkbox By Default: If your invoice line items are typically taxed, select Yes to automatically check the Taxable box when adding Invoice Line Items on the Perform Test and Invoice pages.

3. When you are finished, click Update Company Invoicing Options at the bottom of the page.

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