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Submitting Test Reports to Water Purveyors
Resubmitting Individual Test Reports to a Water Purveyor
Resubmitting Individual Test Reports to a Water Purveyor

How testing companies can resubmit one test report to a purveyor

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If you need to resend an emailed PDF of a test report to a water purveyor, start by locating the correct Customer page. 

1. Scroll to the Tests section, and then find the Completed section.

2. Locate the backflow assembly and test that you need to resubmit to a water purveyor. 

3. Click on the Show Test Details icon to open the related Test Information page. 

4. In the Submissions to Water Purveyor section, click the arrow icon to Resubmit this test submission to the water purveyor

Your resubmitted test report will automatically be sent to the water purveyor.

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