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Viewing Email History for Customers
Viewing Email History for Customers
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1. To see if a customer has received their emailed test report, open the individual customer's page.

2. Scroll to the Tests section, and then find the Completed section.  

NOTE: The Tests section for purveyors also contains information about external tests saved or submitted by testers in the submission portal.

3. Click the completed test's circle arrow icon to view its email history

NOTE: It can take from 5-10 minutes for the email history to be updated after you email a report.

On the Email History page, you can see what status the sent email is in. 

Once an email has been sent from Syncta, there are several responses you can expect to see: Sent, Delivered, Opened, and Blocked or Bounced.

Please see the following article for more information about troubleshooting email problems: Identifying and Fixing Email Problems.

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