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Submitting Test Results for a Replaced Assembly
Submitting Test Results for a Replaced Assembly

Guidance for reporting backflow assemblies that have been replaced

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If a water purveyor requires you to submit a report for an assembly that needs to be replaced, you can do so using the Bypass Validation setting on the Perform Test page.

1. Locate the replaced assembly in Syncta, and then click the Test Now icon. The example below shows the icon on the Pending Internal Tests page for purveyors.

2. On the Perform Test page, select Removed Assembly from the Assembly Status dropdown list. 

3. In order to complete the test without entering any test results, you need to skip the system validation that normally occurs when you complete a test. To do this, expand the Admin Options section, and then check the Bypass Validation box. 

NOTE: Only Admin and Office users will see this option.

4. Click Complete Test at the top or bottom of the page. You are now ready to approve and then submit information for this removed assembly to the water purveyor. 

5. The old assembly can now be replaced in Syncta. See our article about replacing an old assembly with a new one to learn more.

The new assembly can now be tested using your regular testing methods.

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