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Customer Requires Testing More Than Once a Year
Customer Requires Testing More Than Once a Year

How testing companies can handle this purveyor requirement

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Some customers have assemblies that must be tested more than once a year. For example, a customer with a fire sprinkler system may need to be tested every quarter. 

In these cases, ask the water purveyor if they can update the due date schedule in their system. If water purveyor will not or cannot update their system, you can choose not to submit this test report to them. 

1. Select Tests from the navigation menu, and then select Submit Tests.

2. On the Submit Tests page, scroll to the Pending Submissions section.
3. In the Tests to be submitted section, select the customer(s) for whom you don't want to submit test reports to the water purveyor.

4. Click Don't Submit for one test report or Don't Submit Selected Tests for multiple test reports.

5. When the popup window appears, click OK

This test report will not be submitted to the water purveyor. 

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