Completing a Route

How to close a route and make untested stops available for other routes

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You can complete a route at any time simply by clicking the Close Route button next to a route. Closing a route means it is considered "complete" and it will move from the My Routes section to the Completed Routes section on the Routes page. This also removes any stops that have not been tested and adds them back to the list of Available Stops, which can then be added to other routes.

NOTE: See our articles about creating a test route or editing a route to learn more.

Complete a Route

1. Select Routes from the left navigation menu. 

2. On the Routes page, do one of the following in the My Routes section:

  • Click Close Route next to the route you want to complete or cancel. When the confirmation popup appears, click OK to cancel the route.

  • Click Show Route to complete a route. Go to step 3.

3. On the next Routes page, click Close Route. When the confirmation popup appears, click OK to finish the route.

See our article about the Routes page to learn more.

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