Test Report Submission Options

How testing companies can choose a test report submission option used to submit to purveyors

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Part of managing water purveyors is being able to select how the test report forms should be submitted. You have four choices:

  • Email: Generates an email directly from Syncta with the test reports attached.

  • Fax: Generates a fax directly from Syncta to a designated fax number.

  • Paper: Generates one PDF file that can be easily printed.

  • SynctaOne: Use this option if you submit tests to a water purveyor who also uses Syncta. Please contact our Support team via the Chat feature for more information.

Select a Submission Option

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Water Purveyors.

2. On the Manage Water Purveyors page, click Edit the icon next to the water purveyor for whom you want to select a submission method. 

3. On the Edit Water Purveyor page, select an option from the Report Submission Method dropdown list.

4. Do one of the following:

  • If you did not select Email in step 3, go to step 5.

  • If you selected Email in step 3, four email-related options appear below. Select each option as desired.

5. Make any other desired changes, and then click Update Water Purveyor at the bottom of the page.

The updated submission method now appears on the Manage Water Purveyors page.

See our article about how to submit a test report using the different submission options.

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