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Updating Water Purveyor Information
Updating Water Purveyor Information
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Real-Time Training: Want to update water purveyor information now instead of reading about how to do it? Launch our live step-by-step walk through to get started.

When you enrolled with Syncta, you selected the water purveyors that you work with. Each water purveyor record includes pre-populated information, such as contact details, the test report submission method (email, fax, paper or SynctaOne for purveyors that also use Syncta), and the test report format. The Edit Water Purveyor page allows you to change all of this information as needed.

NOTE: See our article about test report submission options to learn more.

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Water Purveyors.

2. Click the Edit icon next to the water purveyor you want to update.

3. On the Edit Water Purveyor page, update the following fields as needed:

  • Name: Update the nickname for this purveyor.

  • Full Name: Enter the full name of this purveyor as desired.

4. Select one of the following options from the Report Submission Method dropdown list:

  • Email: If you select this option, four email-related options appear below. Select each option as desired.

NOTE: See our article about the email submission options to purveyors to learn more.

  • Paper

  • SynctaOne: This is for testing companies who submit to a purveyor that also uses Syncta.

  • Fax

5. Fill in the following fields:

  • Test Report Form: Select this purveyor's test report form from the dropdown list.

  • Contact Name

  • Phone

  • Fax: If you selected the Fax submission option above, you must enter a fax number here.

  • Email: Enter the purveyor's email that you want to receive test reports; click Add Email to add more email addresses as desired.

  • Website: If this purveyor has a website, enter the URL here.

6. Fill in the following:

  • Address: Update Line 1, City, State and Zip information as needed.

  • Comments: Add optional comments in the box as desired.

  • Hide Meter Reading on Perform Test Page: Check this box if you do not want the Meter Reading field to appear on the Perform Test page.

7. When you're finished making changes, click Update Water Purveyor at the bottom of the page.

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