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Connecting Syncta to QuickBooks Desktop
Connecting Syncta to QuickBooks Desktop

How to set up a connection between Syncta and QuickBooks Desktop

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To establish the initial connection between QuickBooks and Syncta you must:

1. Have an Internet connection
2. Have QuickBooks Desktop 2013 or newer
3. Log into QuickBooks as an Administrator
4. Open QuickBooks to your company's file
5. Open QuickBooks Web Connector (see below)
6. Set up a "Syncta Item" type in QuickBooks (See our article about setting up Syncta Item types in QuickBooks to learn more)

IMPORTANT! QuickBooks Desktop is only available for existing Syncta QuickBooks Connection subscribers.

Install Web Connector

1. In Syncta, select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Invoicing Options

2. At the top of the Invoicing Options page, click Enable QuickBooks Desktop Integration.

3. The Invoicing Options page updates. Click Download QWC File.

4. Double-click the Syncta QuickBooks Web Connector file to open it.

NOTE: This might start running automatically.

5. When the Authorize New Web Service window appears, click OK to continue.

6. When the Application Certificate window opens, select one of the two bottom options, as shown in the following image. 

7. Click Continue.
8. When the Access Confirmation popup message appears, click Done.

The QuickBooks Web Connector opens. 

9. Leave the Auto-Run box checked and Every-Min at 1

IMPORTANT! You can change this number as desired. Keep in mind that the more data you have, the more time it may take for the initial data sync between Syncta and QuickBooks to occur.

10. Click in the box below the Password heading.
11. When the Password Required popup message appears, enter the password from Syncta's Invoicing Options page.

12. Click OK to continue.
13. Check the box next to the syncta Quickbooks integration application.
14. Another popup message asks if you want to save this password. Click Yes.

The sync between QuickBooks and Syncta automatically begins.

NOTE: The initial sync may take longer than a minute to start.

If it is successful, the Last result will show OK in green. 

IMPORTANT! In order for QuickBooks and Syncta to sync information, Web Connector must be running!

15. Click Hide in the lower right corner to hide Web Connector but not close it.

CAUTION: Clicking Exit in the lower right corner or the X in the top right corner closes Web Connector!

Web Connector is now open in the "system tray" of your desktop, which is located in the lower right corner of your desktop. 

Once you've verified that Web Connector is working, let us know so we can activate the connection between Syncta and QuickBooks. 

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