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Selecting Your Subscription Plan
Selecting Your Subscription Plan

Where new users go to select a plan

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If you are signed up as a trial user and want to select a yearly or monthly subscription plan that will start after your trial ends, use the following instructions.

NOTE: For more information about Syncta's plans for water purveyors, please email our Sales team at

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Subscription.

2. On the Company Subscription page, select a plan by clicking Change Plan or Select Plan.

3. On the Change Subscription page, click Select Plan for the plan in which you want to enroll.

4. Enter your credit card information in the popup window.
5. Click Save & Confirm Plan

The plan you selected will go into effect the day after your trial ends, and your credit card will be charged at a pro-rated rate for the rest of the billing period. If you selected the annual plan, you will be charged the full amount of the new rate on your renewal date. If you selected the monthly plan, you will be charged for a full month on the first of each month moving forward.

NOTE: See our article about what's offered in each of Syncta's plans to learn more.

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