Updating Appointments

How to edit or delete an appointment

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You can update a scheduled test appointment or an appointment not related to a test. Click on the applicable button to go directly to the section below:

Update a Scheduled Test Appointment

If you want to move a scheduled test to a different date or change other related information, you can easily do so on the Appointments page. You can also remove a scheduled test from the calendar, which puts it back in the list of Available Stops so it can be added to another schedule. 


  • The Appointments feature is only available for testing companies.

  • You must schedule a test first before it can be added as an appointment!

1. Select Appointments from the navigation menu, and then select Manage Appointments

2. On the Appointments page, click the < > arrows until you find the date for which you want to update an appointment.

3. Do one of the following:

  • Change tester: To move an appointment from one tester to another, simply drag and drop it on the calendar as needed.

  • Edit or remove appointment: To edit an appointment or remove it from the calendar, go to step 4. 

4. Click the appointment you want to edit or delete to open the Edit Event page. 

5. Do one of the following:

  • To edit an appointment, go to step 6. 

  • To remove this appointment from the calendar, click Delete. Click OK in the popup window to continue. This does not delete the related scheduled tests, it simply puts those tests back in the list of Available Stops on the Change Appointments page.

NOTE: You can also remove this appointment from a tester's schedule by dragging and dropping it to the list of Available Stops on the Change Appointments page.

6. Update any of the appointment details as needed, including the date, time and tester. See our article about scheduling appointments to learn more about each field.

The information you updated will now appear in the calendar on the Appointments page for the tester and date you specified.

Update a Non-Test Appointment

Follow the steps in the previous section to update an appointment that is not related to a test. The only difference between updating a scheduled test and other appointments is the Delete button. If you delete an appointment that is not related to a scheduled test, the entire appointment is simply deleted from the calendar. 

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