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Moving an Appointment from One Schedule to Another
Moving an Appointment from One Schedule to Another
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If you added an appointment to a schedule on a particular day but want to move it to another day, use the following instructions.


  • The Appointments feature is only available for testing companies.

  • You must schedule a test first before it can be added as an appointment!

1. Select Appointments from the navigation menu, and then select Manage Appointments

2. On the Appointments page, click Change Appointments.

3. On the Change Appointments page, select the Tester and click the < > arrows to select the date from which you want to remove an appointment.

4. Remove the appointment from the tester's schedule by dragging and dropping it from the Schedule for day section to the list of Available Stops

5. Select the Tester and new date to which you want to add an appointment.
6. Find the appointment that you want to add in the list of Available Stops, and then move it to the Schedule for Day section.
7. When you're finished, click Back at the bottom of the page. 

NOTE: Once you move the appointment to a new schedule, the new scheduled appointment is automatically saved.

The appointment that you moved to a different schedule now appears in the calendar on the Appointments page for the selected tester and date.

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