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How Do I Update an Invoice and Resend it to the Customer?
How Do I Update an Invoice and Resend it to the Customer?

Make corrections to an invoice that's already been sent to the customer

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Watch Video: Want to see how to update an invoice and resend it to a customer instead of reading about it? Watch a video now on our YouTube channel.

If you have already sent an invoice to a customer and realize that you need to update it, use the following steps. 

NOTE: The Invoicing feature is only available for testing companies.

1. Open the Customer page related to the invoice that you want to update.
2. Scroll to the Invoices section, and then find the invoice you want to update in the Unpaid Invoices section. 

3. Click the Return this invoice to New Invoices icon, which looks like a flag.
A confirmation message appears at the top of the Customer page.

4. Scroll back down to the Unpaid Invoices section and find the invoice you want to update, which now shows a Not invoiced status.
5. Click the Edit Invoice icon.

This takes you to the Edit Invoice page, which shows customer and backflow assembly information, as well as associated line items.

6. Make changes to the invoice as needed. See our article about editing an invoice to learn more.
7. When you are finished, click Update Invoice near the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

8. Click Bill Invoice and Send Email in the Unpaid Invoices section of the Customer page to immediately resend the updated invoice to the customer.

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