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Sending a Customer a Receipt of a Paid Invoice
Sending a Customer a Receipt of a Paid Invoice
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If you want to email or mail a customer a receipt of their paid invoice, you can easily do so on their Customer page.

1. Open the page of the customer for whom you want to send a copy of a paid invoice.
2. Scroll to the Invoices section, and then find the Paid Invoices section.

NOTE: The Invoicing feature is only available for testing companies.

Email a Paid Invoice

1. To email a copy of the paid invoice, click the back arrow icon.

2. When you receive the confirmation popup, click OK

If the email was successful, you will see a message at the top of the Customer page.

Mail a Paid Invoice

1. To mail a hard copy of a paid invoice, click the PDF icon to open the invoice. 

2. Print and mail a copy of the invoice as you normally would.

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