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Parent Customer vs. Service Location
Parent Customer vs. Service Location
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In Syncta, there are two concepts that are similar: service location and parent customer. This article explains the difference between them.

Parent Customer

A customer account that is attached to other customer accounts, each of which you can designate as a "child" of the parent. Information related to a parent customer will not print on test reports.

IMPORTANT! None of the parent customer information will appear on test reports!

When deciding whether or not to use parent and child customers, keep the following information in mind:  

Parent Customer

Child Customer

Receive Invoices?



Receive Test Reports?



Address on Test Reports?



Service Location

A physical location stored under one customer account. Service locations can be stored under any customer account, whether it's a parent or child customer.

Service Location Example

Let's say that you own a chain of burger restaurants called Best Burgers. You would have one Customer account set up as the Best Burgers Headquarters that has the owner's mailing/billing address, contact info, etc. You would then create service locations for each restaurant that has assemblies located there.

NOTE: See our article about setting up service locations to learn more.

Parent/Child Example

In this example, let's say you own a property management company that runs several apartment complexes. The parent customer would be the property management company and the child customers would be each individual apartment complex. 

Under each child customer, you could have separate service locations. For example, ABC Property Group is the parent customer, and they own three apartment complexes: Pine Tree Estates, Hidden Hills, and Willow Grove, each of which is a child customer. There are three buildings at Pine Tree Estates, each of which is this child customer's service locations. In this example, each building (service location) would show all of the backflow assemblies that need to be tested there.

NOTE: See our article about assigning parent customers to learn more.

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