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Testing Backflow Assemblies in the Submission Portal
Testing Backflow Assemblies in the Submission Portal

How testers can test assemblies using a water purveyor's submission portal

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This article shows testers how to test assemblies using a water purveyor's submission portal.

1. On the Dashboard of the submission portal, click in the Search bar and enter the serial number or Syncta ID for the assembly you want to test; press [Enter] on your keyboard to continue.

NOTE: In the mobile app, click the magnifying glass to enter a serial number or Syncta ID, and then click Search on an Android device or Go on an iOS device.

2. On the Assembly page, click Test in the Assembly Overview section to test this assembly. 

3. On the Perform Test page, scroll down to the Test Info section.

NOTE: You can edit the assembly information by clicking Edit Assembly.

4. Enter any relevant data for this test, including a customer signature (if required).

5. If the customer wants a copy of the test report when it is accepted by the purveyor, enter their email address in the Customer Email box.

NOTE: If you have a customer with multiple service locations, this email will be sent to the customer's email address - not the email address for the service location.

6. Do one of the following:

  • If you are a Tester and an Admin user, go to step 7. 

  • If you are only a Tester, go to step 8.

7. In the Admin Options section, fill in the following:

  • Select a Tester from the dropdown list.

  • If this is a retest, select a Retest Tester from the dropdown list.


  • This field will only appear when you are performing a retest.

  • If the purveyor charges to submit tests, you are not charged to submit any related retests or to resubmit rejected tests.

8. If you want the date and time to automatically be set when this test is completed, leave the Tested On field blank; otherwise, click in the box and select another date and time.

9. Add any images, photos or documents as needed in the Attachments section.

10. Check the certification box near the bottom of the page.

11. Do one of the following:

  • If you pay to submit tests, click Add to Cart. Go to step 11 to continue.

  • If you do not pay to submit tests, click Complete Test. You are finished. 

NOTE: You can also click Save Test if you need to come back later to enter additional data. Saved tests will appear on the Pending Tests page of the portal.

12. On the Cart page, click Checkout. You can continue to add tests to your cart until you are ready to submit all at one time.  

IMPORTANT! A test is not submitted to the purveyor until you click Checkout.

NOTE: On a mobile device, this page will look like the following example. Click the blue arrow to see more of a record.

If the payment was successful, the following page appears with a confirmation message at the top.

View Your Paid Receipt

The view a copy of your receipt, click View Receipt at the top of the Submission Payment page. 

Below is an example of a receipt from a submission portal.

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