Editing User Information in the Submission Portal

How to edit your user information in the water purveyor's submission portal

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1. On the Dashboard of the submission portal, click the Administration menu, and then select Users

2. On the Submission Users page, find the user you want to update and click Edit

NOTE: Mobile users can click the blue arrow to view more information for a record.

3. On the Edit Submission User page, update the user Name, Phone and Address information as needed.

4. Click Browse to upload an electronic copy of this user's Certification Documentation; a tester can submit test results in a submission portal before the purveyor has approved the updated information.

5. Add or update the Certification and Certification Expiration Date information as needed.

6. In the New Signature box, use the mouse to sign your name; or if you are using a touch screen, you can use your finger/stylus to sign.

NOTE: Admin users can set up a signature for any tester.

7. Click Save.

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