Setting Up the Customer Portal

Instructions for testing companies

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Each company that has the Customer Portal as a feature of their subscription plan is given a URL that is unique to their company. The Customer Portal gives testing companies a unique URL where their customers can schedule tests, even if they don't have login credentials to the portal. Customers who have login credentials can update their contact information, schedule tests, pay for tests, view past test reports, and add service locations and assemblies.

NOTE: See our article about the Portal Options page for water purveyors to learn more.

Set Up the Customer Portal

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Portal Options.

Your unique Customer Portal URL will be at the top of the page. You can add a link to this URL on your existing web page. 

2. Select the following:

  • Show Company Logo: Select Yes if you want your company logo to appear on your Customer Portal.

  • Show Company Name: Select Yes if you want your company name to appear on your Customer Portal.

  • Company Logo Or Name Link To Company Website: If you have a website and want to link your company logo or name to it, select Yes from the dropdown list.

3. If you want to include an email on your Contact Us page, add it in the Portal Email field.

4. If you want to include a company phone number on your Contact Us page, add it in the Contact Phone field.

5. If the address you want to appear on the Contact Us page of your portal is different than your mailing address, add that information in the Contact Address box.

6. If you want to use a short tagline on your main portal page, enter it in the Tagline field. For example: Test. Submit. Done.

Here's an example of what this would look like.

7. In the Require Credit Card Entry To Schedule Test In Portal, select one of the following options:

  • Yes: Customer must enter a valid credit card before scheduling a test.

  • No: Customer can schedule a test without entering a card.

  • Optional: Customer can enter a card, but is not required to schedule a test.

NOTE: If you want to use our Invoicing feature and receive payments from customers through the portal, you need to set up a Stripe account. Stripe is the third party company that we integrate with to process credit card payments. (See our article about setting up Stripe connect to learn more.)

8. If you want customers to select a date that a test needs to be completed by, select Yes from the Show Calendar Option To Select When A Test Needs To Be Completed By Portal Customers.

9. To use a background image on your portal, click Choose File, and then select your desired image.

10. When you're finished, click Save Portal Options at the bottom of the page.

Invite Users to Your Customer Portal

Your customers will login to the portal using their email address. Each customer must have a unique portal email address. The instructions below show you how to invite your customers to the portal.

1. Open the Customer page for whom you want to invite to the portal.

2. Click Edit at the top of that customer's page.

3. Add an email address in the Portal User Email field.

4. Click Save Customer.

5. On the customer's main page, click Invite to Portal.

The customer will receive an email with instructions about how to sign into the portal. Once they're signed into the portal, the customer can update their contact information, schedule tests, pay for tests, and view past test reports as desired.

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