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What counts as a test report when it comes to billing?
What counts as a test report when it comes to billing?

Definition of "test report" as it relates to the Per Test Plan subscription

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For testing companies that subscribe to the Per Test Plan, the following items relate specifically to your plan:

  • We count a “test report” when the results are logged in the application, the test is completed, and a PDF test report is generated

  • Test results can be entered and saved for later without affecting your charges. 

  • We will bill you solely on the number of test reports generated, regardless if that test is considered a pass, fail or incomplete.

  • The time zone that we use to bill for tests is the Universal Time (UTC). Depending on the time a test is entered, it may fall into a different day based on the UTC time zone. If you are charged for a test in a given month based on what day it falls on using the UTC time zone, you will either be charged for the previous month or the next month, but not both.

See our article about Syncta's plans to learn more about what's included in each one.

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