Validating Your Data Import in Syncta
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After Syncta has imported the data you provided, we require that you thoroughly review the data in Syncta and approve it before we complete the final step of the import process. This final step is to geolocate all of the imported addresses so the map pins populate appropriately in Syncta. 

If there are any major issues found with the imported data after the addresses are geolocated and the data import needs to be imported again, there could be additional charges for this action.

Validate Your Import

Please take the time to check the following before replying to us with your approval that we can proceed with the final step of the import process:  

1. Make sure all fields of data that you wanted to be included in the import are in Syncta: 

  • Check at least 10 records to make sure they contain each of the fields you asked to be imported

  • You may need to check the customer, service location, or assembly pages to see the data

2. Make sure the data is structured as you would expect:

  • Check at least 10 records to make sure the assembly is at the correct location, that location is at the correct customer, and if applicable, that customer is associated with the correct parent customer

Complete Validation

Once you have completed this validation, please reply to Syncta stating that you have found no issues with the import and request that we proceed with geolocating your data. 

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