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Transferring Invoices From One Customer to Another
Transferring Invoices From One Customer to Another
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The following article tells you how to transfer an invoice from one customer to another. For example, this might be helpful if an invoice was accidentally created for a child customer and needs to be moved to a parent customer.


  • You can also transfer quotes and work orders between customers.

  • The Invoicing feature is only available for testing companies.

Transfer Invoices From One Customer to Another

1. Open the Customer page from whom you want to transfer an invoice.
2. Scroll to the Invoices section, and then click Transfer Invoices.

The Transfer Invoices page shows any invoices that have been created for this customer.

3. Select the invoice(s) you want to transfer to another customer.

4. Select the customer to whom you want to transfer the selected invoice(s) from the Select Recipient of Invoices dropdown list.

5. If you want to select a service location that is different from the main customer location, select it from the Destination Service Location dropdown list.

6. Click Transfer Selected Invoices to Customer.

The customer page to whom you transferred this invoice(s) opens and a confirmation message appears at the top.

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