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Adding Backflow Assemblies in the Submission Portal
Adding Backflow Assemblies in the Submission Portal

How testers can add assemblies using a water purveyor's submission portal

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If a tester cannot find a backflow assembly in the submission portal that they need to test, they can add it in the submission portal.

NOTE: If you do not see an option to add an assembly in the portal, this means that the water purveyor does not allow it.

1. On the Dashboard of the submission portal, click the Tests menu, and then select Pending Tests.

2. On the Pending Tests page, find the customer related to the assembly you want to add, and then click any Syncta ID or Serial number link to open an overview page.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Assembly page and click Enter New Assembly.

4. On the Add Assembly page, fill in the following required information:

  • Assembly Location: Type the location of the assembly, typically the city.

  • Assembly Type: Select an option from the dropdown list. For example, double check, RPZ, etc.

  • Manufacturer: Select an option from the dropdown list.

  • Model: Select the related model from the dropdown list.

NOTE: Options listed here are based on the USC list of approved assemblies. If you can't find a model you're looking for, please let us know.

  • Size: Select the assembly size from the dropdown list.

  • Serial: Enter the serial number of the assembly.

IMPORTANT! If any of these fields are blank, you cannot complete a test for this new assembly!

5. Fill in the following optional information:

  • Needs Appointment: Check this box if this customer requires an appointment.

  • Assembly Comment: Use this to enter notes related to the assembly as needed.

NOTE: If a test report form was set up with specific code, these notes may appear on a PDF test form.

  • Install Date: Select a date from the calendar that this assembly was installed at this service location.

  • Testing Frequency: Select how often this assembly should be tested from the dropdown list. For example, annually, quarterly, etc. This is also used to determine when the assembly is due to be tested and shown on the Upcoming Test page.

6. When you're finished, click Save Assembly at the bottom of the page.

This assembly information will be reviewed and approved by the water purveyor. If you want to test the assembly now, see our article about testing assemblies in a submission portal to learn more.

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