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How to merge tests for duplicate assembly records

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In some cases, duplicate records for the same assembly might have accidentally been created. For example, if a tester enters results on a water purveyor's submission portal and they don't see a record for a particular assembly, they might create a new record for an assembly that already exists in Syncta. In this case, they can merge the assembly records, which merges tests for the same assembly into one record. Tests will be moved to the assembly with the latest Last Test date, and other related assembly records will be deleted.

1. On a Customer page, scroll down to the Assemblies section for the related service location.

2. Select the assemblies you want to merge at this service location.

3. The Merge Selected Assemblies button appears; click it to merge these assemblies.

โ€‹If you have other information in the assembly record not related to a test, such as a Comment, it will be deleted once you merge the assemblies. Before merging assemblies, make sure that you enter any non-test information into the most current assembly record.

4. When the following confirmation popup appears, click OK to continue.

If the merge was successful, the following message appears at the top of the Customer page.

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