Release Notes - August 2020

Syncta's Latest Software Updates

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Read below for more information about the updates we've made this month in Syncta.

Using One Customer Signature on Multiple Tests and Surveys

You can now use one customer signature on multiple tests and surveys, saving both you and your customers time. For more information about how to use this feature, click here.

Generating PDF Test Forms Without Scheduling a Test

Water purveyors can now generate PDF test forms without scheduling a test. The PDF will automatically populate with the related customer, service location and assembly information, but the test results information will be blank. Click here for more information about generating PDF test forms without scheduling a test.

Notifying Submission Users of Expired Certifications and Gauges

If you are a water purveyor and you have testers who use your submission portal, you can now view Excel reports that show which users have expired tester certifications and expired gauge calibration dates. Click here to learn more about using this new feature.

Selecting a Test Report Form for a Water Purveyor

In the past, whenever you wanted to change a test report form for a water purveyor, you had to contact our Customer Success team to change it for you. Now, you can select the report form for a purveyor yourself and you can see a preview of a blank test report as well. Click here to learn more about this new time-saving feature!

Adding Attachments Before Saving a Test

Previously, if you wanted to add an attachment to a test, you needed to save the test first. Now, you can add the attachment without saving a test first. Click here for more information about adding attachments while testing backflow assemblies.

Deleting Water Purveyors and Transferring Assemblies

Now when you delete a water purveyor in Syncta, you must first transfer all related assemblies to another purveyor. This ensures that any active assemblies are not deleted along with the purveyor. Click here for more information about deleting a water purveyor and transferring assemblies to another purveyor.

Reordering Invoice Line Items

When you create or edit an invoice, quote or work order, you can now reorder invoice line items so they appear in a certain order on the related PDF. Click here for more information about editing new invoices or here to learn more about creating a quote.

Clicking the Up Arrow on the Routes Page No Longer Jumps a Location to the Top

Previously, when you clicked on an up arrow to change the order of a location stop, that location would be moved to the beginning of the stops for that route. Now, when you click the up arrow to move a location, it only moves up once.

Tester Certification Number Now Included in Dropdown Lists

In an effort to give you more information, we have included a tester's certification number next to their name in dropdown lists.

Routes Now Show Assembly Location

We updated our Routes feature to make it easier for testers to see at a glance where an assembly is located on a property.

Schedule Survey Button Has Moved

For water purveyors, the Schedule Survey button on a Customer page has been moved next the New Survey button in the Surveys heading of each service location.

Customer Address for Water Purveyors Changed to Service Address

For water purveyors, we changed the Address heading to Service Address, to make it clear that this is the same as the default service location. Water Purveyors can now also add a Mailing Address as needed.

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