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SynctaOne and Submission Portal Release Notes - August 2020
SynctaOne and Submission Portal Release Notes - August 2020
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We've made changes to SynctaOne and to our recently redesigned submission portal. Read below for more detailed information about the recent changes.

Improved Matching for SynctaOne Submissions

We have improved matching for SynctaOne submissions that occur between a testing company that uses Syncta and submits to a water purveyor that also uses Syncta. The different matching methods are described below. See our article about submitting test reports to a purveyor that also uses Syncta to learn more.

Matching Test Submissions

1. When a tester submits a test to a purveyor that also uses Syncta, SynctaOne looks for a matching assembly in the water purveyor's system based on the assembly's serial number or Syncta ID.

2. One of the following occurs:

  • If there is a match with a unique assembly, the test is submitted successfully to the purveyor for that matching assembly.

  • If there is not a match of at least one of these two fields, a problem submission is created for the tester to fix and resubmit it to the water purveyor.

3. If the submitted test only contains a serial number for the assembly but no Syncta ID, SynctaOne verifies that there is only one assembly in the water purveyor's system with that serial number; otherwise, a problem submission is created for the tester to fix and resubmit it to the water purveyor.

4. If the tester does not have the correct serial number or know the Syncta ID, they may need to ask the water purveyor for the correct serial number or Syncta ID. If it is for a new assembly, the water purveyor must first create it on their side with the same serial number the tester is trying to submit with or provide the tester with the Syncta ID that is created in the purveyor's system after the new assembly is created.

NOTE: If a tester submits a test but the related assembly does not have a Syncta ID, and the system finds a unique match based on the serial number, it will automatically add the Syncta ID from the water purveyor's system to the assembly in the tester's system.

What Happens When a Tester Adds a Syncta ID for an Existing Assembly

When a tester edits an assembly in their system and they add a Syncta ID and save the assembly, SynctaOne will automatically check to see if the Syncta ID is valid for the water purveyor. If it is not, Syncta will show an error stating this. Double check to make sure that the Syncta ID you entered is correct; if it is, contact the water purveyor for assistance.

Updates to What Suggested Changes Appear in a Water Purveyor's Systems

Suggested changes in the water purveyor's system will only show changes related to assembly information; there will no longer be suggested changes related to the customer or service location changes. See our article about reviewing suggested changes in Syncta to learn more.

Testers Can Now Enter a Customer's Email Address When Entering Test Results in a Submission Portal

Testers in a submission portal can now enter an email address for the customer when entering test results.

If a submission portal user enters an email address while submitting a test, the system will automatically check to see if that email address exists in the customer record.

NOTE: See our article about testing assemblies in a submission portal to learn more.

If an email address exists, no changes are made. If it does not, the system will add the email address and create a suggested change for the water purveyor to approve or remove in Syncta.

NOTE: See our article about reviewing suggested changes in Syncta to learn more.

If the purveyor has set the Email Customer Test Reports field on the Manage Company page to Yes, the customer's email address will receive a copy of the PDF test report when the test results are accepted.

Cart Information and Payment Method in a Submission Portal Are Now Shared by the Entire Testing Company

The Cart and Payment Info pages are now shared by an entire testing company. All Admin users within the same company will be able to see the same tests in the cart and will be able to use the same credit card when checking out.

Cart Page

Payment Info Page

User Roles in the Submission Portal Have Been Updated

The Technician and Admin roles in the submission portal have been updated.


  • Can view and edit their own user and gauge information

  • Cannot view payment information, payment history, or submission history

  • Can add tests to the cart and remove them but cannot check them out


  • Can view and edit all users and gauges that are part of their company

  • Can update payment information and view payment history and submission history

  • Can add and remove from the cart, as well as check out

  • Can add/edit the signature for each user who is part of their company

Submission Portal Users Can Now Edit Gauge and Certification Expiration Dates and Their Tester Certification Numbers

Previously, submission portal users could not update their gauge calibration date and expiration date, nor could they update their certification number and expiration date; the fields were visible, but no information could be entered. Now, a user can update the calibration date and/or calibration expiration date for their gauge, and they can update their certification number and/or expiration date. In both cases, the user will be required to upload a copy of the supporting documentation. If they do not, they will receive an error when they try to save their changes.

Edit Gauge Page

NOTE: See our article about updating a gauge in the submission portal to learn more.

Edit Submission User Page

NOTE: See our article about updating user information in a submission portal to learn more.

Pending Review in Syncta

If a user successfully updates their user or gauge information, an item will be created in the appropriate Pending Review section in Syncta based on the changes. The water purveyor can then review the uploaded documents and approve the change; the tester can still submit tests using the updated information before the water purveyor accepts the changes.

Improved View on Mobile Devices

Users on mobile devices can now expand sections to see additional pieces of data that they were previously unable to see because of the small screen size. For example, on the Test Submission History page, mobile users can now see more information, and they can click an arrow to see additional columns that won't fit easily on one page of a mobile device.

Click the arrow to see more information below a record.

Viewing Suggested Changes for Replaced Assemblies Added in the Submission Portal

When a user creates a record for a replaced assembly in a submission portal, this creates two suggested changes: one that shows the old assembly and one that shows the replaced assembly. Now, it will be easier for water purveyors to see on the Suggested Changes page in Syncta which assembly is being removed and which one is being replaced. The removed assembly will link to the replaced assembly record, and the replaced assembly record will link to the assembly that is being removed. This allows the water purveyor to view detailed information about each assembly before accepting the suggested changes.

NOTE: See our article about reviewing changes for an assembly replaced by a test ing company to learn more.

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