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Release Notes - September/October 2020
Release Notes - September/October 2020
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Read below for more information about the recent updates we've made in Syncta.

Improvements to Notification Templates

If you use our Notifications feature, we have made improvements to the templates, giving you more control over the look and feel of the notifications that you send to customers. You can now change the font size and color, add images, and even link to videos and external web sites. Click here for more information about our notification templates.

Emulating Submission Portal Users

Water purveyors who use our submission portal feature can now emulate any portal user with the click of a button. Once in the portal, the emulation allows purveyors to view/complete any tasks that this user has access to. Click here for more information about emulating submission portal users.

Sorting Information on Customer Pages

You can now sort information by column on many customer-related pages. This makes it easier for you to quickly sort the information you’re looking for, such as completed tests by tester name or submission date.

New End-of-Year Compliance Reports Available

For our water purveyor customers in New Hampshire and Connecticut, we’ve created new end-of-the year compliance reports for you. Call us at 503-751-2990 or email us at to see how we can support your compliance report needs today!

Select All Records on Upcoming Tests Page

When you're creating notifications or scheduling tests on the Upcoming Tests page, it's now even easier to select everything at once using the new Select All Records box. Instead of having to select records on each page, you can now select all records with the click of a box.

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