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What Are Held Tests?
What Are Held Tests?

What they are and why using this feature can be helpful for testing companies

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If you have tests that fail and cannot be immediately retested, the Held Tests feature puts these tests into a separate page until you are ready to add them to a route or schedule them for a retest. Held tests are not visible on the Routes page or on Schedule Tests pages until you take action on the Held Tests page. If you do not currently have the Held Tests feature, please reach out to us using the Chat feature so we can activate this free feature for you.

Release Held Tests

Use the following instructions to find your held tests and take further action as desired.

1. If you have any tests currently being held, click Held Tests on the Dashboard.

2. On the Held Tests page, click Release Hold next to the test that you want to release for routing and scheduling.

A confirmation message appears at the top of the page indicating that this test can now be added to a route or scheduled.

Other Options

If you do not want to release a test, the other options on this page are described below.

  • Skip Retest (Mark Test Completed): Click to skip this retest and mark this test as complete. This moves it to the Review Completed Tests page (or Review Completed Internal Tests for purveyors).

  • View PDF: Click to view a PDF copy of this failed test report.

  • Show Test Details: Click to see detailed information about this test, including the test results, whether or not it has been submitted to a water purveyor, invoice line items, assembly information, any related attachments, and a customer signature if there is one.

  • View Email History: Click to view more specific information about the emails sent related to this held test.

  • Send Report to Customer Email: Click to email this customer a copy of this failed test report.

  • Test Now: Click to conduct this retest now instead of making it available for scheduling or routing.

  • Cancel Test: Click to permanently delete this test.

NOTE: When you delete a test report, Syncta only soft deletes this record. This means that you can restore a test report at any time. See our article about restoring a deleted test to learn more.

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