Release Notes - December 2020

Syncta's Latest Software Updates

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Read below for more information about the recent updates we've made this month in Syncta.

New End-of-Year Compliance Report Available for Michigan

For our water purveyor customers in Michigan, we’ve created a new end-of-the year compliance report for you. Call us at 503-751-2990 or email us at to see how we can support your compliance report needs today!

Adding Attachments to Service Locations

Syncta allows you to add attachments, such as images or documents, in many places throughout the app. You can now also add attachments on the Service Location page; click here for more information.

New Fields On the Edit Water Purveyor Page

In an effort to give you more control over the information you send water purveyors and what appears on the Perform Test page, we have added five new fields on the Edit Water Purveyor page. For more information about these new fields, click here.

Email Submission Options

Two of these fields give you more control over what information is included in the body of emails submitted to a purveyor, such as whether to include the assembly address and/or the customer name.

The other two email submission fields allow you to choose between sending one test per email submitted to the purveyor or sending one email per customer.

Option to Hide Meter Reading Field On Perform Test Page

For purveyors that do not require testers to capture a meter reading, we have added a new field that allows you to hide this field on the Perform Test page.

New Processed Suggested Changes Page

Previously, when water purveyors approved or rejected suggested changes from a testing company, they were unable to see any suggested change records after the changes were processed. The new Processed Suggested Changes page shows the old and updated information for each suggested change, as well as whether or not the change was accepted or rejected. For more information about viewing suggested changes, click here.

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