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Adding Service Locations in the Submission Portal
Adding Service Locations in the Submission Portal

How testers can add a new service location in a water purveyor's submission portal

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If you cannot find a service location in the submission portal, you can create one.

NOTE: You can only search for a service location by address and create a new service location if the water purveyor has enabled these options.

1. On the Dashboard of the submission portal, click Address Search.

2. Enter all or part of the service location address you are looking for, and then click Search.

3. An error message appears if no service location is found; click Enter New Location to continue.

4. On the Add Service Location page, enter a name and phone number for this service location.

5. Click in the Customer box.

6. Enter the first three characters of the customer you want to associate with this service location.

7. Do one of the following:

  • If this customer exists in the submission portal, their name will appear below; select it to continue.

  • If this customer does not exist in the submission portal, enter their name in the New Customer box.

8. Fill in the Address Line 1 and 2, City, State, and Zip/Postal Code information.

9. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

A confirmation message appears at the top of the page. A new service location and customer record (when applicable) is automatically created in the water purveyor's system. The purveyor will review this information and approve or reject it; if it is rejected, it will be removed from the submission portal and from the water purveyor's system.

10. If you want to add an assembly at this service location now, click Enter New Assembly at the bottom of the page.

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