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What if I have fewer testers during part of the year?
What if I have fewer testers during part of the year?

Do you have more testers during certain times of the year than others?

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We understand that your backflow business may be slower during certain times of the year, so we allow for adjustments to be made accordingly. You can easily activate or deactivate testers, with changes taking effect on the first of the following month.

You will only be charged for active testers each month. See our article about activating or deactivating testers to learn more.

If you are subscribed to an annual plan, your account will be credited or charged accordingly when you deactivate or activate testers. When activating a tester, you will be charged a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the year for that tester. When deactivating a tester, your Syncta account will receive a credit. Credits on your account will be deducted from your next annual renewal charge.

IMPORTANT! A minimum of one tester is required for all plans, regardless of activity.

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